Film and Audio
Production Studio

‚ÄčIn the heart of Salt Lake, convenient to the airport and within the “Devil’s Triangle” of freeways (I-15, I-80, I-215) you will find our state-of-the-art film and audio production studio … but only if you’re looking for it. The older brick exterior in a “historic” neighborhood (aka yet-to-be-renovated area) is the perfect disguise to prevent the paparazzi from rushing us and stalking our talent. They would never suspect that our camouflaged building is an internal safe-haven where the magic happens!

map of the studio layout


It’s a carefully guarded secret that behind this brick (individually laid by the building’s owner, Angelo, himself while defying all modern child-labor laws at the age of 12) we run a covert high-tech operation that boasts:

  • The quietest studio in SL, assisted by a nearly half-million dollar renovation that includes floor-ceiling surround sound panels. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to choose between A/C and set lights! (You’re welcome, sweat-proned actors. And if you’re still a little shiny up top, click on our tab for Makeup … yes, men–it’s your moment to wear it shamelessly.)
  • Each room expertly sound-proofed.
  • A 1900 sq ft soundstage, 13 ft ceilings
  • Full white and green cyc walls with scoops
  • Separate audio recording and control rooms
  • Sound-proof edit bays
  • 12’x50′ staging and green room area
  • Electric grid
  • digitally converted sound panel
  • Technical control panels
  • Integrated networking through each room, which can accommodate a full orchestra

To the unsuspecting passerby, it is just another building around the corner from the haunted house. To those in the know, it is Utah’s film and audio industry’s best-kept secret. Truly a geode. We’ve got your back!